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Have you heard of Oymyakon, a rural community in the Sakha Republic in Russia? Well it is the coldest, permanently inhabited locations on our planet, where the cold is so harsh that it can literally freeze your eyelashes. Let’s learn some amazing facts about Oymyakon in this article.


Since the days of transoceanic voyages, determining the exact location of a vessel at sea was of paramount importance. Determining the precise longitude of a ship at sea was one of the most sought after practical solutions for accurately navigating the earth’s oceans. For centuries, some of the brightest scientific minds have pondered over finding a realistic method for measuring the exact longitude of a ship on voyage, without much luck. In this review of the book titled ‘Longitude’ – written by Dava Sobel – we find the story of John Harrison, an English carpenter and clockmaker who invented the marine chronometer, which allowed mankind to solve the problem of calculating longitude while at sea.


A review of 'If Only They Could Talk', the first book in the 'All Creatures Great and Small' series by James Herriot; A book that chronicles James Herriot's first years as a country vet. With his signature magical style of narration, Herriot brings to the reader a mesmerizing world of beautiful countryside, filled with amazing characters – both human and animals – and these magical tales will delight every reader.


A biome is an ecological community classified according to the similarity in climatic conditions and wildlife and vegetation. Here is an introductory article to the major biomes of our planet.


Noble gases are chemical elements in the Group 18 of the periodic table and they share a common characteristic of having a very low chemical reactivity. In this article we take a look at the chemical elements that come under the category of noble gases and find their properties and industrial uses.


The invention of Railways completely changed the face of the modern world. Railway lines opened up new territories by reducing time and distances between far-away locations and it was one of the major components that made the Industrial Revolution possible. In this article we are going to get introduced to five of the longest and largest rail transport networks of our world.


Space Stations are manned satellites, which orbit around our planet, serving as research platforms and laboratories. They also enable us to stay in space for long periods of time and carry out lengthy space missions. In this article we are going to trace the history of the idea of manned space stations and find information about some of the famous space stations.