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Noble gases are chemical elements in the Group 18 of the periodic table and they share a common characteristic of having a very low chemical reactivity. In this article we take a look at the chemical elements that come under the category of noble gases and find their properties and industrial uses.


The invention of Railways completely changed the face of the modern world. Railway lines opened up new territories by reducing time and distances between far-away locations and it was one of the major components that made the Industrial Revolution possible. In this article we are going to get introduced to five of the longest and largest rail transport networks of our world.


Space Stations are manned satellites, which orbit around our planet, serving as research platforms and laboratories. They also enable us to stay in space for long periods of time and carry out lengthy space missions. In this article we are going to trace the history of the idea of manned space stations and find information about some of the famous space stations.


It was in Great Britain that the world’s first adhesive postage stamp was issued on 1 May 1840. This black colored stamp, featuring the profile of Queen Victoria, was called ‘Penny Black’. Here is the story of this postage stamp, which simplified the process of postal rate calculation and made postal services available to general public, at a cost of one penny.


According to NASA, an asteroid measuring about 650 meters in size, will flyby our planet on 19 April, 2017. While we wait for this asteroid to safely fly past our planet, let’s learn a few interesting facts about asteroids in general.