About Us

Kidz.Blog! is a bi-monthly children’s magazine that aims to educate children through fun games and puzzles. The magazine also aims to promote community awareness amongst Dubai’s youth with featured articles and interviews.

Kidz.Blog! is first in its category, making it exclusive and dominant in the market. The magazine is aimed at children aged between 6-16 years, but also contains informative features for parents.

The concept of Kidz.Blog! sprouts from creating a community publication that is fun and educational. Articles featured in the magazine are by influential people and regular school students. The core of the content is aimed to motivate children’s participation in art and literature by encouraging submissions as well as written discussions.

Kidz.Blog! is distributed in several schools throughout Dubai and for sale at Spinneys, Choitrams, Virgin Megastores, specific Jashanmal Bookstores, Dubai Duty Free, and also found in selected educational centers, play areas, clinics, salons, etc…

If you have an inquiries please feel free to email us at Kidzblog@massmediadxb.com